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We inspireren iedereen om zich mooi te voelen


A 100% natural treatment
that makes your skin look more
youthful, radiant, supple and younger.

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Health & Wellness

Try our Lipo massage. It helps you to
slim down while creating a dimple free skin
and a perfect figure in the process.

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For Men

Maintain your manly looks with our
Facial & Body treatments using the
LPG Cellu M6 integral machine.

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Oyu Pretty Beauty

The Oyu Pretty Beauty health and wellness salon is located in the Boschstraat, in the centre of Breda in the Netherlands.

Our new and modern salon offers scientifically advanced non-invasive health and wellness care in a unique organic-based treatment environment.

Contact us at: +31 76 562 05 52

Oyu Pretty Beauty - Boschstraat 40 - 4811 GH Breda